Richard Scobee

On January 28, 1986, the day of the Challenger explosion, Jeanne Love had spontaneously channeled a very distraught Christa McAuliffe. In the days and months that followed, the other astronauts also came through Jeanne as the channel. Usually present in most sessions were Jeanne, Tom Love (her husband, a physicist), and Sam White. Their friend Regina Ochoa also conducted some channeling sessions.

Usually multiple astronauts were channeled at any given session. At times the transcript has a conversational aspect where more than one astronaut speaks. In such a case, the conversation is left as it was channeled, to smooth out the flow of the text. For ease of reading, each astronauts individual transcripts are combined in chronological order to give that astronauts coherent story as it evolved over the months.

Below are the links to the transcripts from mission commander and Air Force test pilot, Richard Scobee (Dick). Links are provided to the start of the session for each date when Dick was being channelled.

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Short Bio

Full name - Francis Richard Scobee
Name usually used here - Dick
Function on this flight - Commander
Profession - Air Force Test Pilot
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The complete PDF file of this transcript is available here.

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