June 15, 1987

Channeling by Jeanne Love
The Players: Francis R. (Dick) Scobee, spacecraft commander; Michael J. Smith, pilot; Judith A. Resnik (J.R.), mission specialist; Ronald E. McNair, mission specialist; Ellison S.Onizuka, mission specialist; Gregory B. Jarvis, payload specialist; S. Christa Corrigan McAuliffe, Teacher in Space.
Location: The Goughs'
Source: Seth, Challenger Astronauts, Madam Blavatsky
Channels: Jeanne Love, Regina Ochoa
Respondents: Edie Fischer, Bob Shacklett, Bill Gough, Hans Beet, Marshall Pease, Jon Klimo, Roy Kalmbacher, Tom Love, Marion Gough

This is the transcript of the channeling of the astronauts on June 15, 1987.

Since there were two channelers present, at times two astronauts spoke together. In each such case both astronauts are named below.

Seth & Madam Blavatsky         [page 2]

Richard Scobee (Dick) & Seth [page 3]

Judith Resnik (Judy, J.R.) & Seth [page 10]

Ellison Onizuka (Ellison, El)         [page 18]

Ellison Onizuka (Ellison, El) & Gregory Jarvis (Greg) [page 21]

Michael Smith (Mike) & Ellison Onizuka (Ellison, El) [page 29]

Christa McAuliffe (Christa) & Michael Smith (Mike) [page 30]

Seth                       [page 46]

[ end page 47 ]

The complete PDF file of this transcript is available here.


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