Daily Transcripts of Challenger Crew

General Background
Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa were the two ladies who channeled the astronauts from the day of the explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle on January 28, 1986. These conversations were recorded from the day after the explosion with the last recording occurred on January 28, 1988, two years later. On any given day, the number of astronauts coming through could vary from one astronaut to the whole crew coming through. The thinking of the astronauts evolved over the two years -- starting with the trauma of the explosion, through the grieving process they and their families went through, their understanding of the nature and cause of the explosion, and their growing desire to let the world know that existence does not cease with death. They felt that understanding death would help release the fear of death and would help people understand what really matters in life.

Introduction to Transcripts by Date
There are two ways to read the amazing stories of the channeling of the Challenger astronauts after they had died in the explosion. To understand how the astronauts evolved from the time of death until two years later, it is recommended that one reads the story of each astronaut in its entirety. One can then understand the progression of their thoughts with time. If one then wants to go back and reread the transcripts from a day to day basis, as it actually happened, with the interactions of all parties concerned, one can read the transcripts by date. This is the section where the transcripts by date are found.

Here are direct links to each of the 18 daily channeled transcripts, links are also provided by the navigation line near the top of this page.

Jan. 29, 1986
Feb. 2, 1986
Feb. 4, 1986
Mar. 9, 1986
Apr. 20, 1986
May 3, 1986

May 15, 1986
May 17, 1986
May 28, 1986
Jun. 21, 1986
Jul. 12, 1986
Jul. 29, 1986

Nov. 21, 1986
Dec. 4, 1986
Jan. 28, 1987
Feb. 15, 1987
Jun. 15, 1987
Jan. 28, 1988

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