Introduction to Columbia Background Section

The Columbia background section begins with in Feb, 2019 when Regina Ochoa left Nebraska on her trip to Sunnyvale, California where she would be part of the channelling team that became the source data of the Columbia. During her flight west and on the rest of the trip Regina often had various of those who had been associated with space program, but now dead, talk with her and make various observations. Regina's journal is fun and interesting to read.

The "Channeling Guidance" section is the guidance, as channeled by Jeanne Love, from Bob Schacklett, one time VP of FMBR, suggesting how the channeling session be conducted in Sunnyvale. It is very typical of the way Bob talked when he was a part of FMBR.

Jerry Gin describes his very unusual experience that while listening and transcribing the video of Jeanne channeling Sally Ride the voice he heard changed from that of Jeanne to Sally. It was the intension of the crew that Jerry have such an experience himself.

Background Material