Channeling Experiences

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March 22, 2019

While listening and transcribing the Columbia video, a very unusual phenomenon occurred. It was while I was transcribing the February 16, 2019, video from the Saturday morning session with Jeanne channeling Sally Ride. Suddenly Sally Ride’s voice, not Jeanne’s voice, came through, stating the exact words which Jeanne was stating. Sally’s voice was very distinct and clear; her voice is very different compared to Jeanne’s voice. As she was close to completing her statements, I pressed the stop button on the video. To my surprise, Sally continued speaking another minute until she completed the section in which she was speaking – without the video being turned on!

At that point, I backed up the video to listen to the same segment again. This time, it was Jeanne’s voice and not Sally’s voice.

Part of this phenomenon may be linked to how I was carrying out the transcription. Electronic transcription with Dragon software, using Jeanne and Regina’s voice on the speaker, resulted in too many errors. Thus, I set the speed of the video to 0.5 speed, which also did not work since the words were too indistinct for Dragon. What sort of works is my repeating Jeanne and Regina’s voice, using a headset for listening at 0.5 speed, and dictating what I was hearing for Dragon to convert to printed words. It is a painful process and takes a long time. It was using this combination technique when I heard Sally speak. The speed, even though it was electronically 0.5 on the video, appeared to me to be at normal speed when Sally came through as herself.

A truly amazing experience for me!

Jerry Gin

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October 10, 2019

Regina channeled a message from Laurel Clark pertaining to the Columbia channeling. Laurel mentioned that with regard to Jerry’s transcription of the audio of the channeling, they wanted Jerry to experience the energies of the channeling of the Columbia astronauts within him. Thus, when Sally Ride was being transcribed by Jerry, “they were pulling on him to allow him to meet us on our side of the veil and feel our energy, as Jeanne and Regina do.” That was the reason Jerry had the channeling experience.

Laurel’s message was that a transcribed message cannot fully give the energies of the astronauts as they were communicating through Regina and Jeanne. To receive the full impact of the energies, it is best to listen directly to the audio. At a later point, the written transcripts will be made available so one can have a written account of the channeling, but it should be understood that the nuances/energies of the message can only be obtained from the audio version of the channeling.

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April 25, 2020

While Regina and I were chatting, Laurel Clark stated that it is ok to have a written transcript come out sometime in the future. The audio should come out first so the full impact of its energies can be felt.