Background: Seth's Involvement with the Challenger Astronauts
Some of you have heard of Seth, most likely through the books on the channeling of Seth by Jane Roberts. For example, there is a lot to be learned about the soul in Seth Speaks — The Eternal Validity of the Soul, a book Seth dictated through Jane.  The energy that is Seth has been through many incarnations and is willing and able to impart knowledge to us in many areas.
One day prior to one of the channeling sessions with the astronauts when they were to give evidential information on themselves, Seth came in through Jeanne to give more background to his role in the channeling and to impart information on the process.  Seth was very much involved with the channeling of the astronauts through both Jeanne and Regina.   As Seth states, "What was Seth's role in all this?  Well I have been a caretaker — an overseer, if you will — of this particular project that we all have decided to become involved with."
Seth gives information on the process of channeling — the "mechanics" of how Seth comes into Jeanne and Regina vs. how the astronauts come in.  There is some background on why the deaths occurred in water, and a better understanding of the soul as exemplified by the progression/learning of the astronauts over the two years after their death.  There is also information on soul groupings — as exemplified by the greater ease of channeling of Christa by Jeanne and Regina.
You will enjoy Seth's discourse as preliminary information to a better understanding of the channeling.

Here are links to Wikipedia that give some history on Seth and Jane Roberts:

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