Introduction to Challenger Background Section

In the background material, there is a section where Seth is channeled. Seth gives much information about channeling as well as the nature of the soul group. That concept gives information as to the linkage among Christa, Jeanne and Regina.

In a separate background section, Regina, still new into this form of channeling, describes her incredible experiences before, during and after her channeling experience with the astronauts and Seth.

In channeling session with Regina some intriguing information came out which convinced Bob Shacklett and Edie Fischer about the authenticity of channeling.

By August of 1987 there had been enough channeling from the astronauts for FMBR to create a formal proposal to study the material available. The hope was to verify the material and do an in-depth study of channeling.

Finally, in three letters presented here, Bill Gough, President of FMBR, shares information about some of the many warnings of the destruction of the Challenger spacecraft.

Background Material

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