Challenger Intro

The Challenger Disaster:
On January 28, 1986, the entire nation watched as the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded shortly after launch. The Challenger disaster is embedded in our national and global psyche. The country deeply felt the extent of the disaster, the deaths of the astronauts, and losses for their families.

On the day of the disaster, Jeanne Love, a medium and channeler1 living in Adrian, Michigan, spontaneously connected to Christa McAuliffe, the Challenger’s schoolteacher crew member, and experienced the traumatic aftermath of her death. On subsequent days and months, all six astronauts and Christa spoke through Jeanne to tell the stories of their death, how they felt about the choices they made in life, and their hopes about communicating what they had learned to those still alive on earth.

In any single session, several crew members would relate their messages through Jeanne. They were: Christa Corrigan McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnik, Francis Scobee, Ronald McNair, Michael Smith, and Ellison Onizuka.

Aside from Jeanne’s initial session with Christa, her husband Tom Love, a physicist, and Sam White (alias2) were present during all Challenger sessions. They asked questions throughout the channeling sessions and recorded them.

FMBR’s involvement
After a few months, Sam White and Tom Love investigated how they might fulfill the astronauts’ wish to communicate with those on earth. They knew of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research (FMBR) since they knew Bob Schacklett, another physicist, who with his wife Edie Fischer, were FMBR Board Members.

On May 7, 1986 Bob Shacklett, who served as FMBR V.P., received a letter from Sam White that included some transcripts of Jeanne Love's channeled information from the Challenger crew. The letter asked if FMBR might have interest in the project.

FMBR was in its sixth year of existence in 1986. It was founded by Bill Gough and Virginia Cates as a non-profit. Their first project had researched both remote viewing and psychokinesis, but not channeling.

Bill Gough, another founder, Bob Shacklett and Edie Fisher read the initial material. They had their doubts about whether the material contained accurate new insights into the Challenger accident. Bill Gough thought the afterlife might be an energy/information field that slowly dissipates with time. If the channeling was correct, then an afterlife field remained "alive," thus it remained dynamic, evolving, and interactive.

During this time, Edie and Bob had an experience with another channel, Regina Ochoa, that provided astoundingly accurate information about another subject. Their belief systems were shifting.

The FMBR Science Review Team (which also included Marshall Pease and Jon Klimo, in addition to Bill, Bob and Edie) was quite interested in the project. If information from the astronauts could be confirmed, then this would provide proof of life after death.

FMBR starts the Challenger Project Team
In December, 1986, the FMBR board created the Challenger Project which Bill organized and headed. The astronauts and the FMBR Science Team did a lot of brainstorming on how to verify information. The Challenger crew wanted this to happen and contributed information in additional sessions that might be verifiable.

Other FMBR members became very interested and a few joined the channeling sessions as witnesses. For some sessions, another channel, Regina Ochoa, a friend of Jeanne who lived in California, was also brought in. Some of those sessions were attended by the FMBR team (Bill and Marion Gough, Bob Shacklett, Edie Fischer, Jon Klimo, Marshall Pease, and Chuck Wilhelm).

With the crew’s recent deaths, contacting their family members was not considered because of the families' grieving. The transcripts show that even a year later, the astronauts advised against contacting their relatives and close friends, feeling that they would not be open to strangers approaching them to talk about communicating with the deceased astronauts. This removed the surest way to validate the channeled material.

Bill Gough did spend time gathering data from a member of the Presidential Commission on the Challenger to correlate with the accounts from the astronauts. He also tried to contact astronauts who personally knew the seven who died, but that effort proved less successful. He also visited friends in Congress and Federal agencies.

The FMBR team then contacted John Fuller and Bill visited him and his wife on the east coast. Fuller had written The Airman Who Would Not Die, and many other books. He promised to do similar “due diligence” to the Challenger story and write the book. Unfortunately, he died before starting the project. Thereafter, two other potential authors expressed interest, but ultimately no book was ever written.
Without being able to do the correct verification of data because of inability to contact the relevant relatives and astronaut friends, the project was put on hold. Although others in the TV media carried out interviews and filming regarding the project to our knowledge nothing was ever released to the public.

Challenger Channelers at FMBR
On Oct 27, 2017 Jeanne and Regina spoke at FMBR about their time channeling the seven Challenger astronauts. Here is the YouTube video of their talk on FMBRTV Channel.

The entire crew wants this information published
FMBR has decided to print the transcribed statements of the Challenger crew, as channeled by Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa, verbatim. FMBR has always thought that there is at least some credence to the material, since it conveys how the astronauts died—not in the explosion, but by impact with the sea or drowning. This information was kept from the public/media by NASA until many months after the incident.

In addition, the channeled messages contained information on the Star Wars defense mission (testing the transportation of devices for potential nuclear applications). In some of their channeled messages, the astronauts expressed that they had not been aware of that aspect of the mission and were angry when they learned of this after their death.

FMBR did not attempt to corroborate many of the aspects of the channeling. FMBR just wants the information to be made public for historical purposes and to honor the requests of the astronauts to let the world know there is existence after death.
There are hundreds of pages of transcripts; multiple astronauts conveyed messages during each channeled session. For the sake of clarity, cohesion and ease of reading, the information has been organized by crew member, sequentially by date, so that the reader can see the evolution of that crew member's story and message.

1. A medium is an individual who experiences regular communication with the deceased. Channeling is when the medium allows the deceased person to speak through him or her. Channeled information also can be conveyed through the medium in writing. Mediumship and channeling have been studied using rigorous experimental design. Windbridge research with mediums/channelers. is an example of one institution focused on such research.

2. Alias: Identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.

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The material presented here was assembled by Jerry Gin, edited by Mark Smith and others, with website by Ken Morley from the transcripts of the original channeling sessions.