A personal note from Jeanne Love,
February 11, 2019, prior to the channeling sessions

Hello Communication Team…

I am sending this writing along to you from Bob Shacklett, so that you may all get to see how these lovely spirits help Regina and me to prepare for our time together.  Just pretty much an FYI to all of you.  We get our orders from our supervisor(s)!

So very grateful for our time together. And I am really looking forward to being with my Sunnyvale family once again. This time it is double trouble with both me and Regina being present!

Stay safe and dry! See you all in a couple of days.

Communication received by Jeanne on February 6, 2019
from the late Bob Shacklett, a physicist and former VP of FMBR,
providing guidance about how these sessions were to be conducted

Preparing for our trip:

There should be a log like a cast of characters who come in to speak to the group. 

There are also details about the energy of the group. More than ever you two need to set the desired protocols. There will be two of you so there will be a lot of cross energy as the group handles the energy necessary for the communication. Also, the Columbia crew is not as well prepared for their own energies mixed with all of you. They simply have not had that much experience with it all. However, they are being well prepared by the 7 Little Foys. (the Challenger crew)

There are some other things.

The crew ladies will take turns coming in through both of you.

The men, for the most part, will only be channeled through one of you.

Harder for the Columbia crewmen to cross over between the two of you, so they have already decided who is channeling through whom. When you and Regina talk, you will be given your “team.”

It is truly imperative that you both set the tone, because this is a first time experience for the Columbia crew.

As we are seeing this from our side, the questions can come, but first must be written down so that the crew is not interrupted. In other words, thoughts and questions coming up from listening FMBR members need to be held for a later time, preferably after the session and in anticipation of the next one.

This won’t be unlike a press conference. In other words, the Columbia crew will introduce themselves and then will take turns speaking. After that, everyone can make sure they have their questions for another turn later in the day, etc. 

After the main “team” of astronauts, etc., has had their turn to communicate, then there can be some guest speakers…towards the later part of Sunday afternoon.

We cannot stress enough the importance of this protocol. The Challenger crew is very comfortable with all of you but the Columbia crew is not. There may be some information previously unstated, even by Challenger crew. Please hold a very open mind. Make sure that an open, balanced and ego-free energy circle is created. This will make the channeled material even clearer and cleaner.

And, Jeanne has requested lots of chocolate cookies and warm tea…lol.
Tissues might also be necessary.
However, know that LOVE will abound.

The astronauts will address the need to be secret or to be made public. In fact, they will “talk” about this on those days when you are all together.

Also, we are requesting a bit of alone/downtime for both mediums after the day's channeling. It will be quite an intense effort and we want to make sure that the evening is a relaxing one so that the next day’s material is not compromised by fatigue. Actually, for those staying with the Gins, …well, they’re going to have big beer kegs and smoking material to fully enjoy their “break.”

Now that the memo is out, all involved can relax and be ready. This is a ground-breaking event. You will come to know why when we gather.

Thanks to the FMBR communication team for all their support, interest and preparation. We, the “ghosts” from this side, are extremely grateful.

The Collective of Flying Humans

AKA…Bob Shacklett, PR and Business manager at your service.