Recordings of Columbia Astronauts,
plus Others Involved, 2019.

This page presents detail about each of the recordings made in 2019.

Each numbered entry is made of three columns:

        column 1. name of the person who is recorded and below, where appropriate, the name of the channeler,
        column 2. the role of that individual in these recordings, next down the link to the actual recording, finally the link
        to the text of each recording,
        column 3. a short introduction of each recording.

( At the moment, 2020/10/30, the text of all of the 20 channeling are not available, thus some of the links below the link to each recording are not available now. This message will be removed when all the text is available.)

Speaker &
Role Summary
1. Jeanne Love Channeler

          Text of this recording.
Introduction/clearing prior to starting channeling of astronauts.
2. Richard Scobee
      via Regina Ochoa
Challenger crew Commander

          Text of this recording.
Introduces himself. He doesn't enjoy this, but it's important to the Challenger, Columbia and Apollo 1 crews. Explains how the involvement of smoke in the death of the Columbia Crew caused some present in the channeling session to cough.
3. Rick Husband
      via Regina Ochoa
Columbia Commander

          Text of this recording.
Re-experiences the trauma of shuttle breakup. Why the Challenger crew is with the Columbia crew during this channeling.
4. Greg Jarvis
      via Jeanne Love
Challenger Payload Specialist

Rick had to re-experience his death on the Columbia to release his trauma. Importance of all Columbia crew first moving through their death stories so other info could come out.
5. Kalpana Chawla
      via Regina Ochoa
Columbia Mission Specialist

How she dealt with death on Columbia, communicated with her family after death, and her role as NASA-selected psi contact.
6. Willie McCool
      via Jeanne Love
Columbia Pilot

Recounts the time he came through Jeanne years ago. His discovery that, before the end, NASA knew Columbia would never return. His discussions with other non-Columbia astronauts.
7. Michael Anderson
      via Jeanne Love
Columbia Payload Commander

Anger and rage at NASA. Discussions with Ron McNair (Challenger) on being black astronauts. Difficulty of communicating through a channel.
8. Laurel Clark
      via Regina Ochoa
Columbia Mission Specialist,
      Medical Officer

Pre-flight anoxia training, and how there wasn't enough time to overcome Columbia's oxygen deficit. NASA's arrogance. Her husband's role in NASA's post mortem.
9. Sally Ride
      via Jeanne Love
First U.S. woman in space
(2 missions);
      Rogers Commission member
      ( investigated Challenger disaster)

Regret that Bill Gough (FMBR) hadn't engaged her more directly about the Challenger accident in 1986. Comparison of the death experiences of Challenger vs. Columbia crews. NASA's negligence. Importance of channeling to Columbia crew to work through death, and evidence of life after death.
10. David Brown
      via Regina Ochoa
Columbia Payload Specialist

His experience of his death, trying to stay in body all the way down. His guess that the disk drive with his photos possibly survived.
11. Ilan Ramon
      via Jeanne Love
Columbia Payload Specialist,
      first Israeli astronaut

Israeli fighter pilot background. Importance of Challenger crew after the Columbia disaster. Regrets about how Israel has succumbed to the war machine.
12. Ellison Onizuka
      via Jeanne Love
Challenger Mission Specialist

Discussion of a secret Challenger mission a year prior to the Challenger failed mission. The three Apollo I astronauts and their warning. The role of aliens in government.
13. Gus Grissom
      via Regina Ochoa
Apollo 1 astronaut

Impact of the deaths of the three astronauts (him, White and Chaffee) on others after the accident. Request for healing energy to be sent to those who are still alive for trauma release.
14. Laurel Clark
      via Jeanne Love
Columbia Mission Specialist,
      Medical Officer

The role of aliens in surveillance of astronauts while in space. The wide variety of different entities involved.
15. Regina Ochoa Channeler

Regina commenting on her channeling of Rick Husband yesterday. He was bringing in the energies of trauma experienced by the entire Columbia crew.
16. David Brown
      via Jeanne Love
Columbia Payload Specialist

Experience of crossing over, and the role of the very crowded astral field in crossing over. The importance of making the leap beyond it.
17. Kalpana Chawla
      via Regina Ochoa
Columbia Mission Specialist

The role of the culture in her Indian city of origin on her experience of death.
18. Richard Feynman
      via Jeanne Love
Nobel Prize winning physicist,
      member of Rogers Commission

The murky intentions of both NASA and the newly formed U.S. Space Force. A number of energies from many sources influence these intentions.
19. Richard Scobee
      via Regina Ochoa
Challenger Commander

Publishing the Challenger story at created a tidal wave of healing for the Challenger crew, and closure.
20. Christa McAuliffe
      via Jeanne Love
Teacher and Challenger
      crew member

Sometimes members of the crew try to help from the other side. When groups on earth meditate, they go in to try to boost the energy. However, sometimes when they succeed in boosting the energy, some participants will shut down because the energy feels so unfamiliar.