Ilan Ramon by Jeanne

(Note: Ilan mentions Barry, an associate to Jeanne, last name protected.)

I was the token Jew. This is Ilan, the one that my camera-ready fellow (participant) shared.

I was probably the most hesitant to be here today. For various reasons. 

I actually have had experience with channeling with this one (Jeanne Love) and one of her friends. One of her various male friends who decided not to be involved with this work because of certain circumstances. So, I did have a chance to do some therapeutic release.

But I did promise to support the team, in coming in.

As many of you may or may not know, I was the Israeli pilot, the fighter pilot. And I loved being in an airplane. I wasn't necessarily gung-ho about war, but I loved the chance to be in an airplane and to be what I thought was into a moment of support from my... from my country. Unfortunately, the longer I've been over here, and I have separated somewhat from my American friends, because of my family being on different soil.

But I've gotten very distressed at what has come about, in... in the nation of Israel, and their combative nature which I supported, actually, ashamedly. And how they were, how they treat people. And I don't want to talk too much about that. Because the first introduction, we (Columbia crew) were encouraged not to be very political. We were encouraged to be ourselves in a evidential manner of presentation.

But I... as I said, I really wasn't really excited about having to come in and, you know, spill my guts and say how horrible everything was, and et cetera, et cetera. I have already done that. I do not... do not choose to live in that role anymore. However, I do wish to encourage questions, and etc. And if it wasn't for Sally, I probably wouldn't be here today. And I may not come in much more.

But I did want to really send my... my "Thank yous" to all of you; for not only supporting this time but supporting the Challenger crew in the way that you have. It made all the difference, of course, for us. Even though... even though you may not have (realized), if you never had documented them, they (Challenger crew) would (not) have probably been there for us in the first place.

You know, there's a fine line between how much you share and how much you just hope passes, that you don't need to be too stuck into the indoctrination of the... the human system and the casualties of... of the darkness and the chaos. And... It's so very difficult for me to see how my nation has succumbed to the war machine – as the U.S. has, as well, as have some other countries that are really... The war machine is not exclusive. But it's there for those people who have money.

So, if a country has money, there's often the war machine. Unlike Japan, whose very roots have been shaped through horrible events, so they are choosing different forms of manifestation, even though they environmentally aren't always aware of the casualty of the sea around them. And what they have been doing there with certain qualities of exploration and etc.

So I am quiet in some ways about what I’m willing to share. Because I feel that I do not want to document the immediate difficulties of passage from my body. So, I said I was able to speak with Jeanne and Barry (Jeanne’s associate) to help soothe a lot of my, umm... sadness and difficulty in the trauma.

My wife has since joined me. I have a son that's with me. We still have lots of family that is still alive. And I want not to say too much, because if this were ever to fall into certain hands, I would not want to feel there would be any retribution. Because in my nation there would be, especially with the regime that's in there now. So, I will leave it at that...

But I am grateful for your consideration, and your support, and everything that you all represent. Because definitely before I was agreeing to this, I wanted to see who all would be supporting this kind of communication, and I was so pleasantly surprised at the quality and the love that's in this particular room, and this group. And ultimately, that's really all there is – because I love John Lennon. So, "Love is all there is." You know, "Love, Love, Love. All you need is Love."

And that's the way I will leave it.

Thank you so much.