Ellison Onizuka by Jeanne

Jeanne, speaking to the participants:
Okay, and the other thing I'm being shown now, is that, you know, they (Columbia crew members) refer to Ellison Onizuka when he was on the Challenger the year prior – that was a secret mission. And this all ties into all of this is what they're showing me.

And that, whether or not, it was really a part of (President Ronald) Reagan's Star Wars or not.

There were… it wasn't that sophisticated all those years ago, but it certainly has grown in sophistication to things that are flying around the planet: to spy and to interfere and to manipulate energies.

And one of the things that Ellison was very distraught about – I'm just translating this right now – is that on that secret mission, they did see the three – (Roger) Chaffee, (Ed) White, and (Virgil "Gus") Grissom, who burned in the Apollo (1) on the pad when they were doing their test stuff, appeared to him (Ellison Onizuka). And, I don't know, I think one other astronaut; I don't remember now who it was, because he told the story of having them appear to them on the shuttle. But now he's telling me more...

Ellison is saying... he said, "You know," he says, "You know, Jeanne, I don't mind coming into your body and experiencing your 'womanness' again. But," he said, "it's a little faster this way.

        [Jeanne chuckles]
(Referencing how Jeanne is currently listening and then delivering Ellison message instead of direct-voice channel)

Because he was so... like the first time he came through – it was like, "Oh my God, she has a body, which is a woman!" But anyway, he's saying that this just kind of moves it along a little more quickly.

And he says that, "What I never said, before..." and this is kind of the rest of the story.

He said, "Others will come directly through you, but I just want to tell you this way. Is that the three (Apollo 1) astronauts came to me, warning us to stop. That we had to have some kind of integrity with what was going on... on that... on that shuttle (STS-51-C)." And... and he said, "My depression wasn’t so much that I couldn't talk about having the experience with them, is that I couldn't tell anybody why they appeared. It wasn't that they appeared just to say, 'Hey, we're here.'"

You know, umm... was it, Riders on the Storm? Okay, anyway. But it was because they were being warned by his friends, that this is the need to stop and not be involved in these clandestine activities with these payloads that were going on that was militarily oriented.

This is Challenger (shuttle.) Ellison Onizuka flew the Challenger (Discovery STS-51-C*) a year prior to the one that went down. And what he's referring to is the nature of their payload, and it was top secret. And, you know, everybody speculates. But he said "It... it was just stuff that we just kind of put our blinders on and did what we wanted to do, because we wanted to fly so badly."

But then, the deceased astronauts, the three that were in the Apollo 1, I think it was, were appearing to him and at least one other (astronaut). It's in the transcript somewhere, I think.  Anyway, it wasn't that he'd referred... they had referred to it this morning – about how Ellison was depressed, that he couldn't talk about that visitation. And his own wife had said he came back different and he couldn't talk about what went on. But Ellison, now, is adding to that and saying his depression came not from being able to tell about sighting these astronauts as spirits, but the reason they came in to us, to tell them, "You guys need to stop this."

So anyway...

Bill Gough:
He got a message to stop?

From the three dead astronauts that were appearing to him on the shuttle when they were on the secret mission. But that... but Ellison never went that far to say that was the full intent of the depressions. Because it couldn't be fully (disclosed)... because then... then he felt like he had sold his soul, that he had compromised himself. 

In space, they (spirits) can appear. Just like the ETs (Extra Terrestrials) can appear. And that's what they're going to talk about today. Ellison says that, "Everybody knows there's ETs out there.  Everybody knows at NASA there's ETs out there."

But the unfortunate thing is, and I think now I understand why I've been feeling the weight of this so much. It's just how Manchurian Candidate all this is.  How controlled this all is at a certain level.

And that's the other reason the Challenger and the Columbia crew have stayed (close), is to try to do their part to help people be aware and awakened, to be as strong in themselves as they can be as people, so they can live in with the integrity of knowing that they contributed positively to the world circumstance...

And that's why they're very happy for this format. And why they've been staying here, in part, so they can bring forth, you know, through them, if that... if anybody would listen, maybe 10 or 12 that would listen, or 100 or 200 that would listen, having some kind of impact on people to say, "Hey, wait a minute. Pay attention. Be the best you can be."

And whether or not, there are all these theories flying around and all these things that go on. And still... it's still ultimately, "Be able to be the best person you can be through all of this. And be a contributing positive light to the circumstances."

Ellison says... he said, "It would be really hard for you – and this goes along with semantics that you're talking about in your book – it would be really hard to explain to you exactly what the ‘things’ (energetic disturbances) were, that... that the government has created. But if," he says, "It's... it's equivalent to what you would call a radio frequency that would have the same kind of effect as a minefield blowing up energy and moving it around." So he says, "That's the best way I can give an image to Jeanne, is to imagine some kind of process that would have that kind of disturbing explosion. But it isn't something that explodes a building. It's something that moves the energy."

And part of it, is what he's telling me, is because they knew the ETs were coming in more and more and more.  They were trying to really create such an atmosphere, even with their science, that they couldn't get through it or wouldn't want to because it would mess things up for them too much. So, this was the counteraction. Because I've felt this for a long time, and Ellison's confirming.  He said that... that, "This ET energy goes all the way up to the top of all the different governments. And all the different governments, in their own way, are using whatever the influence is, for whatever reasons."

And he said, "At this point, I'm not going to get into the length and time of explaining that, because it doesn't... at this point... it's nothing that you guys can do about it." He said, "But I want you to understand, umm... there is no conspiracy. It's just what's going on. Everything was just going on."

And he said that, "They're trying to take your brightest and your best early, the ones that are leaving (dying) earlier. And, umm..." he says, "I won't go into that because I don't want to contaminate the energy field that you've... that you've worked on. But those different civilization representatives that are in that structure, they have them around New York City, they have them in Canada, they have them in... war-torn Central America."

He said, "But, that there are contributing similar structures that are not positively oriented. So, there is this constant war and battle going on and those other levels we don't see for who's gonna be able to control the energetic." And he said, "It... it doesn't matter why anymore. Why? It just matters if you guys know it – so that you can be as the best you can be – you can be centered, you can be careful. And no matter what anybody tells you – 'Love is all there is.' And it's another naive thing. It's the structure that brings us out of this. And of course, we've all been here before."

Ellison said, "I... I was so afraid for my family for the longest time, that if I said anything, even from the other side, you know, big brother was always watching us. Because even after we passed, they were still watching for our energy structure in our field. And so... we could only give so much information to you guys, because they've said for a while, we haven't heard all of it. And... and this is why." 

So anyway, Ellison says he's going to step out now, because he's given that information, and now the other information can come in. And he said some of the astronauts will direct voice and some of that will just be interpreted because it is a drain on the (medium’s) system.

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* Space Shuttle Discovery: STS-51-C, 24 January 1985;
Space Shuttle Challenger had been scheduled for this flight, but Discovery was substituted when problems were encountered with Challenger’s thermal protection tiles. The assigned Challenger crew was reassigned for the Shuttle Discovery STS-51-C.