Laurel Clark by Jeanne

This is Dr. Laurel Clark. It's very interesting to compare coming through Mrs. Ochoa versus Miss Love. What's interesting is that they're so different. And yet they're the same. It's hard to tell where one energy stops, and one starts.

I am happy to be back a second time today. I'm not going to stay in for long because somebody was asking at lunch, if, "It's hard for us to come through? And does it take a lot of energy?" And yes, it does, especially when you're a newbie, but I've been around both these women enough for the last little while that I'm comfortable. And they're very welcoming.

I want to... I want to say something about how we, in the astronaut corps, were told how to deal with the concept of UFOs. And that's another reason why everything is so protected, because we do not want to put anybody at risk. I've had to retrieve this memory because I kind of was encouraged to suppress it, if that makes sense. And the reason why it's a benefit, I'm hoping for all of you, is just to fill in some pieces of this puzzle, of this situation.

There are quite a few of us who went up, at different times, and had a full experience with the different flying objects that were around the spacecraft. Some of them were what you would call probes, just to look and see. You know – who was there this time? What did we look like?  We actually had them come in to the shuttle itself and into the crew compartment and watch us energetically! And that is kind of a combination of your sci-fi stories and the way that you guys would describe seeing an energy.

And one of them we called "Ralph" because it was known to several crews. And so... I'll let you fill out the acronym, but it was called "Ralph," and quite friendly. These beings that come from that, what we call that "Ralph" energy, is like they're at an outpost to see how we're progressing as a planet. And it isn't necessarily a certain civilization, as it is consciousness that’s been sent to see how we're all doing. So, if I were to explain to you how Ralph looked, or smelled, or talked, it would be that it would adapt to whoever was in the flying apparatus machine. In other words, Ralph would appear to the cosmonauts in their flying units, as well as into our space shuttles.

So, Ralph was a... didn't discriminate about country or any of that. Ralph came in to see how we were adapting and how we were doing. And to see how the technologies that had been prematurely introduced to our planet system, how it was, how they were being used. And so, coming into our situation was a way for them to gauge what was going on. And so, I would say Ralph is more like a thought field, but it would interact with us.

And it didn't... not everybody on the on the crew would experience Ralph.  It had a tendency to be with women more than men, simply because the men were trained a certain focusing agent and women were too, but we still have that more intuitive side, you know, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus kind of thing. So... except for Ellison, but he says, don't you dare call him gay.

So anyway, so we named this energy "Ralph" and Ralph would actually warn us.

Interestingly enough, Ralph was around with the Challenger and was trying to, you know, we use the term "blow the whistle" or "tell" on them. You know, because Ralph is a consciousness of energy that is... is consistent in and is full of life and is not about death. It's about growing, you know… a planet growing... you know... a civilization. It's all about positive growth.

The question was asked this morning about, "Do aliens have this Christ or Jesus or Hindu or Buddha knowing?" And... and Ralph isn't the person that told us.

But another entity did, and said, "Well, what do you think these concepts came from in the first place? Is that a higher consciousness would... would seed our planet or maybe another with these (life) forms of compassion to help groups of cultures to... to move forward in themselves. And to be able to handle whatever negativity might be happening as their culture was... was awakening. And it was said through Jeanne not too long ago that the problem came in that crossover of trying to apply Buddhism, you know, in the Native American, or Jesus into the white-people's world, or, you know... was meant for their region."

Anyway, so Ralph was... was known. And of course, we would kind of hush about talking about it, but everybody knew – that we were, ummm... some of... we all knew we were being watched. We weren't always quite sure which government was watching us, whether it was our own or a European or Russian government, or the governments of "other" places.

And you have to understand that all these different worlds are going on simultaneously all around each other. And so... anyway, you guys (audience) kind of know more than I do in that regard. Maybe. But when I was trying to talk about certain things, I was, you know... I was quieted, and whether that tape reflects that or not, Mr. Drasin (videographer/participant), I don't know.

But I know that there were those of us who really wanted to set some intentions (across) without directly voicing certain things. So that perhaps would have misled people, that clip, but it nonetheless... we did have all these experiences. And it's actually very well documented in the Freedom of Information Act, especially the first few shuttles that came out.

Different sorts of life forms that would come in and evaluate or have interaction with, it's not hidden information at all. The ones that... that were approaching us more specifically, though, were like the “Ralph” energy. That... that was the one that was more constant.

But as... after I... I... you know, passed away and left my earthly home, and after I got over the initial shock of what had happened, then my curiosity... you know... started to take over. And... and Willie and I, and some others were really asking to be shown a lot about the different – what we called dimensions at the time, and kind of call them differently now a little, you know – energy fields, energy realms, energy realities. And it's overwhelming to know. It's like Grand Central Station, all these different points of entry for different civilizations, some of them are passing through, some of them are just looking.

There are certain elements that we have been able to see who are very destructive. And without getting too political, just to say that that's why Ralph has been watching to see how we're handling the... the bleed-through that happened when certain, what you call ships or crafts, crash landed. They were actually very young, what we would call young alien forms. They weren't really old or advanced. That is an assumption, because we (humans) don't travel, yet, like that.

So we... we make the assumption that there must be a very advanced civilization, but in actuality, the advanced civilizations don't travel like that and they don't make mistakes like that. So, I just kind of want to be clear about that. Just because they have a different body, and have different needs, and have a different flying vessel doesn't mean they're advanced. It means that that's just who they are.

And I really wanted to make that clear. That, you know... the assumption is – if they got here, they're advanced. Well, maybe in certain areas, but not necessarily. They just have a different structure of understanding and how to create these traveling apparatuses, if that makes sense. So, I found that, you know, pretty... pretty fascinating.

What I will say, just briefly, is that the Area 51, that everybody talks about, is actually just a surface story. There definitely is stuff going on there. But the real story is the stuff underneath. And... and that's the story I don't think I really want to go into, but there's so much more underneath that's going on. And there's... there's things that will relate to that after I am finished. But... so that's all I really need to say. I think about my experience with that – my first thought, when I realized that there were aliens out there was, "Oh, great, my son's gonna love this. Star Wars really is true!" [chuckle]

And, you know, whatever; but the ones that we've been allowed to be connected with – because there really is a hierarchy that watches over us here – they have been very loving in the way that they're accustomed to. I mean, some of them would... might feel a little remote just because they have different energy fields and they don't necessarily have that human structure of psychology or... you know, it's hard to imagine. But, you know, there's all different variations on the theme of creation.

But the ones that we are allowed to interact with are all very positive and very compassionate towards who we are.

And, actually, we are working with some astronauts.  Get this, that in our parallel realm, were lost, and are now helping us with certain things. So, there are these, they're not shadow agencies, they're... they're other vibratory frequencies, so there's... you know, there's an earth that has just tweaked a little bit different than this earth that I came from. It's almost the same, but different. And those astronauts were at a different level of exploration, but they have moved from their energy field over to ours to help us upgrade. And we’ve compared stories, so we are working kind of like with this composite group.

Some of them, you might say, have come back in time, essencially, because their energy field is a different level and a different rate of vibration. So, it seems like they've come back from the future. Some of them we might call them Ancient Aliens, they've come, you know, it's... it's a mixture of everything coming together and to the center of the wheel. And that's where we're collected. So, it's... it's really kind of, it's... it's one of the best sci-fi stories I think I ever could write if I ever could write a sci-fi story. But it's been very, umm... they've been very benevolent to us, very loving, very supportive, (in) understanding us; trying to help us upgrade our area and what our work is with.

And that's who I am working with – is that consciousness of life out of the human form. 

And if I ever knew I had... was headed that way, you know, 25 years ago, I would have probably called the psych squad or something on somebody for inferring that. But it's exhilarating because it takes us out of the earth form and out of the sadness that we see there.

Willie (McCool) has... I'll let him speak for himself. But it's been a different experience for him because he's gone into a different area of research – and how we travel from one energy field to the next and how there are these sightings, etc.

I do have something to say about disclosure information. And I'm going to say this as nicely as I can – it's a bunch of bullshit. Because that is... it's the same kind of buzzword as... as "conspiracy theory" is a buzz phrase. You know, it's... it's another form of holding people hostage to say, "Oh, it's gonna be… you know, the disclosure is gonna be there." And it's like, it's all around us anyway, all the time, you don't need to disclose. You know, it's just a matter if you're open to it. 

Some people experience aliens quite easily because they're open to it. Others are... are really freaked out by it, so they have horrible experiences. And then there are those energies that do come through sometimes that are not nice beings. But this is only from my realm of experience of what I've been shown and what I've been working with.

For the record, Christa (McAuliffe) says she already knew aliens in the physical world because she taught junior high and high schoolers. [chuckle] So she said she already had that experience. And she's, just that’s all she needed to know. Yes, I love Christa; we... we have a "mutual admiration society" thing going on. 

I'm open to questions now. If anybody has a question, I'll see if I can do my best to answer.

Who knew of Ralph beside you?

Other shuttles. Other... other crews.

After they passed?

No, this is all while we were in the body. We were aware of these energies, but we were sworn to secrecy because we had the men-in-black looking after us. There were some women-in-black too. And some of them were aliens. That's really true. You know, it's not just hearsay or myth. They walk amongst us, but they're not necessarily scary. Human beings are scary.

What is "Ralph" an acronym for?

Radioactive Material – No. [chuckle]

Remote-Alien-Living-Form, like with a "PH." Maybe Regina can add something to that. But it's an energy field sent to check (us) out, but it has consciousness and is able to interact. Because there's a lot of... a lot of creations that don't have form in the same way we think of form. And it can be said, it's not remote viewing, but it's... it's kind of that way.

And by the way, when... or maybe I shouldn't say this, who's the young lady that was talking about remote viewing.? Ellen? (participant) Nice to meet you, Ellen.

Remote Viewing is a very old technique that was actually used to visit people, when you... when you didn't do the other things you think you needed to do to get there – like an airplane, or a car, or a spaceship. It was much more practiced. And it was very much an Atlantean thing. So, you could go visit and say how are you doing? You've sent your energy there to visit people.

But it (remote viewing) got contaminated. And it got to the point where it was forgotten. And then, when it was remembered, it got to be used in a negative form to spy on people. That was never the original intention of that skill, which they didn't quite call "remote viewing" at the time.

Okay, well, either I bored you, you're asleep, or you don't know what to say. And again, it's just, you know, one person giving you her perception of things that went on.  My experience has been benevolent. It's been very loving and, and hopeful to help guide this particular planetary system. And I do have my... I have my little pass so I can go up to the structure. And then I also go to the structure that's over Canada at the top of Thunder Bay. And then I could go over the one that's by Martha's Vineyard where all the "pods" are.  That's another story. And umm... I can go to those three places. I can't go to any more than that. So that's what I have security clearance for, if you will – for those places.

Question: Jerry Gin, participant.
"Is there a key message that you want to give to this group, or that you'd like the world to know about, or I know that everything may be coming out. But is there a certain key concept or thing that you'd like us to be aware of?"

Well, Dr. Gin, if I was to say anything, it would be like to speak to my son who's, you know, quite a bit older now. And that would be – we are more than this world. We are eternal, ever present Beings of Creation. And this is just one creation. The more we know about it, the more we can grow ourselves. And to be thoughtful to the fact that we are just one part of a vast series of universes.

But don't get lost and feeling insignificant because it's from the same energy from the very, whatever you call, the beginning of time. I guess, I believe you guys call it the Source. The I AM. It's different in different realities, but it's that structure of... of original thought. And that, that's where we come from. And that original thought is pure and balanced and available. Just to live and explore and know that we are forever.

Thank you all so much for putting up with me on your Saturday afternoon. How well I remember Saturday afternoons – laundry, grocery shopping – yes, science projects...

Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you.