Regina Ochoa Speaking About the Initial Channeling: Rick Husband

Jeanne and I found out a lot more of why the intensity (of channeling Rick Husband) was extreme, because I don't ever want to experience that again.  But not only were we bringing in Rick Husband, at that time, we were also bringing all the energy and the trauma of everybody.

I was literally... felt like I was waaaay out there being shoved through levels of memory – boom, boom, boom.  But not only... just the same way that I believe they go over – they transition through all of their memories as they get over. And it was like, he didn't want to go there, and I didn't want to go there. So, I was fighting him as well. And I was quite... quite fearful of the experience, because the experience was taking a turn that I certainly was not ready to experience.

I mean, I've experienced trauma before. I've… where the first time I experienced Judy Resnick, from the Challenger, I was at Jeanne's, and we were... as soon as we finished our little meditation, I was drowning. I was in the water. And I was seeing the bodies from that. And that was traumatic, but it wasn't the same at all as this (Rick Husband) experience.

And also, this is what I really wanted to share with you – is that the amount of duress that happened prior to us even channeling: the nerves from them, the nerves from me, drove my blood pressure way up. It was really high. But after... after this, that first... the first morning session portion, my blood pressure was dangerously high. I've heard others say, "Oh, well, if you're channeling the Source, you won't have... be affected by that."

But this isn't the Source. This is another human – human spirit and human entity. So, I just thought it was important for me to relay to all of you that it isn't something I would normally go through. And as you've all seen me channel before. So, they're going to talk a little bit more. I can feel someone here and I'm not sure which one it is that wants to elaborate a little bit about the experiences of rescue.