David Brown by Regina

So, I'm here!

I’m back again. This is David; I was here this morning. And I was talking to Jerry (Gin) regarding, about "the bridge," crossing over the bridge, "the astral plane." Actually, I was with Sally (Ride). She was kind of coaching me along. She said that since it was very easy for me to come in and out, I get to go first. Rick (Husband) has said he's not coming into me again, because he doesn't want to. He has his own concerns about coming through this one (Regina Ochoa) because of what has previously happened.  

So, I get to go first. The class clown – always been the clown. The documentarian, as you want to call it, and so I've... I just want to share a little bit about going over and our experiences of going over, because that's what I can share at the moment. I'm still being educated. I have my camera with me. I've taken some of my equipment with me. I'm a… I'm a wanna-be producer, cinematographer, photographer, all of those things. I was pretty good at it. I was having fun. And I was hoping I'd have my story produced after I got back, but that didn't happen. So, I'm going to get it produced this way.

Anyway, what I wanted to share with you is the process about... we began our visit this morning at the table, talking about the astral plane, and how so many... there's so much in the astral plane. And the astral plane is that – I'm just learning – is this energy field right around the Earth, that a lot of the unresolved-issued souls, spirits, whatever you want to call them, entities, dead people without their bodies, get to go. A lot of suicide people go there. It's repeats.

It’s repeats, where they get to repeat their lives back and forth in trying to resolve some of their issues. But a lot of times it (the entity) gets stuck in a... in this endless loop because they can't seem to find... "find" is not the right word, they can't seem to allow truths to... to motivate them.  They seem to get caught in what we call the seven deadly sins. So anyway, I don't know if some of us would have been caught there in that astral field if it hadn't been for the Challenger crew who came and rescued us and many of our loved ones.

And as it was explained to Jerry (Gin) through everybody else, and through me, they were really giving me this information to share because this one (Regina) really shares a lot with me. Unbeknownst to her. And I... I enjoy her company. And, by the way, her... her maiden name is the same as mine. So it's easy for her to identify with me and even in just ancestral names. So it's funny that those things are patterns, and part of our structure as we repeat our lives, in and out.

But I digress.  Actually, talking about all this is like walking a tightrope. If I make a mistake, I don't want to fall off. I don't want to just... I don't want to mess this up. I want to really get this information correctly. But as it was explained to me that when we do our transitions, we go over this astral field, if we can. If we have someone who is of a light, more lighted-being, or we have learned that lighted message on this side.

"Lighted" meaning feeling, knowing that there's more, that we are part of a whole, and that whole is much greater than the universe. That we can move across the astral field and that's that "bridge to the light." It's... it's really a bridge over a moat, as it was explained this morning. And that moat is the astral field of all of this energy, that is pretty – excuse the word – but it's pretty shitty. And we don't want anybody to be stuck there. But some people continue to make choices that allow that circle of life to be just going to that far, to that direction, to that... to that endless loop of into the astral field, back onto... the back onto the earth, into the astral field, back into another lifetime, another life journey.

So anyway, I wanted to share that with you. Because fortunately for all of you here, you're not going to have to go into that astral field – unless you make some majorly bad choices now, from now out.  But really, you're... you're really going to be able to make this leap.

And you have plenty of loved ones and guides. I get to visit with all of your guides, and they're all teaching us as well, since we have been preparing with all of you. Because we all had to experience your energy to trust it. We had to follow you around for the last several months, months before these two (Jeanne Love and Regina Ochoa) knew that we were even going to come through. We have been watching and following you so that we could get used to all of your energy fields.

Each one of you have a different energy field, or as this one calls it, a signature. And as we do too on our side. And so, when we enter your home, or your space, or your car, our signature has to match with yours. It has to. Or yours has to match with ours. So, in doing so, we come in and out. 

It's like getting your body used to tasting chili all the time. You start with low doses and increase in small increments, or curry, not everybody likes curry. But pretty soon, if you've started in very tiny doses, with turmeric and all of the assorted flavors of curry, you begin to really think there's this something missing and you're slowly growing into that curry taste and curry uses different types of curries there may be, as there are different types of chilies. You begin to crave more.

So, when we are in your energy, in bits and pieces, and we are coming from this "transcended energetic field" that's not the astral field, your body begins to crave a little more. It's like a little bit of hit of cocaine or... or any kind of drug. I haven't done drugs. So, this one doesn't have drugs. But for those who do do drugs, it's just that craving, it's that joy, that sense of love.

So, what you were actually tasting and talking about sense of love, is this little bit of "taste for love," infinite love, though. And that's what we have on this side. Infinite love!  If you can, I... I know you can't imagine it, because you've got a damn body. I am so grateful I'm out of here.

I'm sorry to my brother. I'm sorry to Mom and Dad. I'm sorry to my girlfriend. I got to go over. I got to document the whole thing. [audience chuckles]

I don't seem to carry the trauma that everybody else does. And if I am, I'm stuffing it good. I am stuffing it down because I'm just really acing this project. I just love it. I love it. It's just another… it's just another adventure for me that I'm thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying. Everything I've done, I... I've done it with gusto. And I'm proud to say that I've done it with gusto.

And I would like to think that I led my life so that I would not have needed somebody on the other side to pull me across the bridge. But I know better. I have made a lot of choices that were not so positive. But I've led my life in a way that I am quite proud of. And so, I think my transition was pretty good.  (In) fact, I think, me and Kalpana, KC, we, I think we had the probably the best transition of all of us. And the easiest. We were just... we were just okay with it. We're just okay with it. We were very okay with our lives and... and who we were and what we've done. And what I've done, I should say.

But I wanted to share with you about this transition thing. We talk about "going over" or "helping somebody over." Well, we need to know what we're helping them "over." We talk about "going to the light" and doing this, but we really need to help ourselves understand the perilous journey that it takes to go over this moat of astral energy.

I'm being shown that it is so perilous because of the... in this lifetime that I came from with the... with the Columbia. In this lifetime, we currently are producing a tremendous amount of toxic energy that is entering into the astral field. So, if you could see this bubbling mass of garbage and horrible stench, that is what our astral field looks like right now. And it's worse than what you can imagine. Because it feeds itself. It is self-perpetuating. And makes it really worse and it's feeding the earth as well.

But it's only in this timeframe or lifetime that it's feeding it like this.

Yesterday, I spoke about seeing my lives – in this life, in this life, in this life, and I'm documenting this life, in this life, in this life, in this life, because they're all going on simultaneously. And I'm in this life, in this world, in this universe experience; as I am in this life, in this world, in this universe experience; and in this life in this world, in this universe experience. So, every countless... this number many... as... as… tongue twisting. As numerous as there are possibilities, that is the numerical value to how many lifetimes you're living simultaneously, as well as the number of universes that exist. So I... universes not just one endless universe. It’s universes.

Pretty, pretty far out. Pretty amazing! And I want to end with that, because I want you to really recognize that this moment, this life, this presence, this instance, is who we are right here. And we share an endless number of existences simultaneously.  Can you even fathom that? It's, it’s…  I get to see all this. I'm watching all of this. And in each instance, my life ends in a different way, every single instance. I want to document it all. I want to film it all. And maybe I will.

But the countless, numerous, infinite possibilities that we have in choices, is how we're also crossing over into each life frame. So, we're not only living individual universes. We're crossing over, boom, boom, boom, boom. We're leapfrogging back and forth with all of our possibilities. So, this individual has that many possibilities, as well as my possibilities. And these possibilities combine and make more possibilities. Pretty amazing, huh? It's hard to wrap your head around. It's really hard to wrap your head around. And I'm still… I'm just begun. I've only scratched the surface of what they said I could... I could talk about. 

And so, I'll leave you with that. And I'm going to bid you, "Adieu."

And I am going to go grab my camera. Love y'all!

Catch you later. Catch you on the flip side.