Kalpana Chawla by Regina

Hello all, this is KC, as the crew calls me, or Kalpana. How are you today? As you can tell, I just had to give her (Regina) a heads up with the color. (Regina has a bright silk orange scarf wrapped over her.)  She knew something was going on, but she did not know what.  She thought maybe it was me but not her.

She gets the two lightweights, David (Brown) and myself, because after yesterday, we thought we'd be really easy on her since she really suffered yesterday for all... for all of us. So, she's getting to bring in the lightweights, while Jeanne gets bringing the heavyweights and the power speakers, as we call them, because they really are powerful speakers. We're learning a lot on this side. And it's pretty exciting to be able to participate in that.

I want to share with you something that none of the rest of the crew got to experience. But I did get to experience when I got to go over, and it was really exciting. We have, in India, this time where we throw, like... colored paint, everywhere. And it's explosion of rebirth and color and joy.

And when I got over, I got that. Everybody was pummeling me with paint – color, color, color, color, color.  It was phenomenal. It was phenomenal! It was so incredibly wonderful. It was a really rebirthing, just like they they've taught us in all of our courses, before I left India.  And I really missed all of that, too. So, it was great to be able to experience that right away on the other side, as you'd call it.

Yeah, right over the bridge. I didn't even have to touch it. I just kind of sailed on over into it. It was just it was wonderful to be greeted by what I expected on the other side, which was my ancestors. I know the (Challenger) crew was there and they helped me along. But really, I was the first one out and over. And it was almost as if they just yank you, pull you up. And it's that the... right on over. It was just (deep inhale) exhilarating.

And I wanted to share that with you.

Because I think that the Western culture has created an environment and belief that we all are expected to see the same thing when we go to the other side. So many want to see JC (Jesus Christ), or others want to see Paramahansa Yogananda, and Gandhi, Buddha, Hare... Hare Krishna, all of those other faiths have their belief systems. 

And each one is specific to their environment, to their... their environment – their topographical, demographical environment. And we have cross-cultured so much, that we have lost some of the extensive beauty of the confines of the religious belief systems as they were meant to be.  They’ve really become diluted and cafeteria-style, in a way. So, "I'll take a little bit of Buddhism, I'll take a little Hinduism, maybe a little Islam, just a speck of Zoroastrianism, along with Catholicism, and a shaker or two of something else."

We have tried to spice our lives up with our religion. We have thought, "Jeez, if I can only get happy. And I can only get happy if I really find God, Allah, etc. And I have to find it in a way that is going to be suited for me. So, I have to study here, and I have to study there, and I have to study this one and that one, and oh, I have to take all the great religions of the world, and I have to just keep studying, and keep studying and keep studying."

Not recognizing at all that you have an opportunity to explore the... your greatest religion: is that belief structure within yourself.

And I had that opportunity where I was raised. So, I had that whole full support system of a religious culture that was all within the confines of my city there in India. She (Regina)... she doesn't know the... the (city’s) name so I'm not gonna worry, and I can't even remember it to be perfectly honest.

But that culture prepared me for death. Because it prepared me for rebirth. There is... the death is just simply a passage.  It's just simply a point in time where we get to shed our skin just like a... a snake sheds its skin as it grows into the new birth, new growth, new growth, new growth. And that's all I was doing – I shed my flight suit, I shed my body and off I went. 

And I wanted to share this experience with you because all of you are going to participate in your year, this year of a shedding. And you're going to leave parts of you behind that no longer are supporting or support your future needs. And it becomes just an excess piece of dried skin. If you carry dried skin along too much, what does it get? Scaly. Right?  You just got to flake it off.

And some people put more lotion on it, so they don't lose their dried skin. And they inject here, inject here, filler here, filler here, you know, all sorts of things that we do to ourselves, so that we don't lose our skin. But all we've done is create a thick carcass that we live within. We're no longer our full embodiment.

So, what I'm sharing with you is that my passage was a shedding of skin. And it was... it was so freeing to be pummeled with all of the colored paints, and the water and the joy and the confetti and the music and the sounds. It was a cacophony of noise and smells.  Aah, aah, the spices! The spices just sent me. I was in Nirvana, absolute Nirvana. And I knew it. I knew it. But that too, only lasts so long. And then, they (spirits/ancestors) get me ready. Along within, you know, we don't have a timeframe. But it... it stops, it ends. That was my party, I had a great party.

Now I'm going to school. And I'm beginning to sew my new clothes, so to say, so that I can wear my next life. And I wouldn't even want to call them clothes because I don't want to be hindered by that anymore. I'd rather be hindered by beautiful colorful silks and, and lovely pieces of things that catch the air in the breeze, in the essence of who I am.

And so now, I feel like if I could wear threads of filament that is so micro filament, beautiful, that just reflected light and of an essence that evoked sound when it moved. And that's what I... that’s what I get to wear. And that's going to be my new garment to this life. I get to wear filaments of energy, of sound, and color, and smells, and everything that I am carrying with me from the earth world so that I can make my transition into the next world.

But right now, this is what I need to have – I have to have all of these familiar surroundings of India. That's really what I'm feeling, because that's really a home base for me. And that too, will shed as I no longer need it. And they tell me that. I'm not ready to let it go, any of it yet, because I'm just... I feel like I'm exploding inside with it.

But I wanted to share that. And that's my experience. It's certainly not the other guys' experiences, or Laurel's, or any of the Challenger crews. Ilan’s having it. Ilan’s having his own experience, very, very different. Very different. And...but this is mine, and he's in a whole another world. Each one of them, all the world combined, we're all in our own separate worlds. And that's a... a blessing because this way we are not comparing or competing, or we can really shed all of our humanness that keeps us on the earth plane.

So, I just wanted to share this with you while Miss Jeanne is bringing in this next energy which is quite rewarding to all of you. That's what I'm going to say for that. And I want to thank you very much for allowing me to play with this one (Regina), with the scarf and the color and to be silly.

That's who I am. It's just a celebration. I'm... and I want you to… I hope... I hope that you all will be able to shed this year of unwanted dead skin, dead garments, torn and tattered. Thank you very much.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.