Richard Feynman by Jeanne

I do feel Feynman here, Richard Feynman.

And he goes... he said, "This is my take on everything about how they've handled everything at NASA, ‘Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.’ "  (Jeanne and audience chuckle)

He said, "It was a ruse from the very beginning. It was a show.  It was pretending that they cared." He said, "I was just so bitter about, so disappointed in the way they treated these human beings.

"That," he says, "That it's... it's not the individuals that work for NASA so much as the organization that became its own darkest energy." And he says, "When you make comments about: What do you think about the Star Wars thing, or the Star Program, space program that Mr. 45 (President Donald Trump) talks about?" He goes, "I can't even say his name." He says, "I just I just want to puke." He says, "Pardon my frankness." He said, "But it's... it's nothing like anything that it's... it's another way of trying to get money for stuff that... that doesn't serve, doesn't serve humanity. It's... it's... it's a way."

And he says, "At this point," he said, "I'm not really going to go in to say that it's the... the 'greys' (ETs) that are doing this, or the white ones that are doing this, or the tall ones, or the short ones." He said, "It's gotten so commingled with bleed-through and over-stuff that," he said, "at this point, nobody knows where it starts and where it stops."

And he said, "You know... you talk about EBWs (Energy Band Widths), and you talk about the (sacred geometry) handprint and everything, that we need to make more copies of. But," he said, "if you go back to the... to the rubber-band ball just for simplification," he says, "think of what was 100... maybe 100 bands in that, or whatever it is, and," he said, "then think of about 35 of them being all one shade of grey. That's all full of malarkey. And umm... minutia, or whatever you want to call it?" He said, "And that... and it's not regulated. So it doesn’t stay within its band, it just kind of tumbles and floats all over everything. And it's got its own energy because it's out of control. And nobody can figure out…"

Regina: (interrupting)
Who's wiping the booger on who?
(participants chuckle)

"Yeah, yeah, pretty much so. And the thing is that umm... our hands are… our hands are tied up.

"So, it's true that," he says, "our hands are tied. Because we have certain protocols in the ways we... we can influence." And he said, "But it's hard at times for us to communicate." He says, "That's why we call you all together because the strength of the numbers really helps us to communicate clearly, so that we're not running through obstacle courses all the time to get information out as clearly and directly as possible."

So he says, "I thank you for taking this time because it's an effort for everybody, especially for the chief cook and bottle washers. You know, that happens here. But," he said, "that's why we call you and, of course, you know, you guys like each other which is nice. Makes it easier. But, you know, it's just gotten harder to... to work through that gray matter, for lack of a better way of explaining it. And... and when people go out looking into what you... the new understanding and expansion, whether it's metaphysical, paranormal, whatever, they hit that gray matter all the time.

"What is it, a gimbal lock – when they're out in space and have to be careful, so they don't flip off the atmosphere and go out and get lost?" He said, "It's not like unlike that here where they get... they're constantly trying to disengage from that gray matter, just for lack of a better way of expressing it, without getting caught in it.

"And even the better channels and the better healers are having struggles with it because their clients come to them all congested with that. And," Feynman says, "I don't have any other words of wisdom right now because that's... because," he says, "I'm tired." He says, "I'm tired." And he says, "I've had to step away for a while, but when you're here I'd like to... to come in because you guys are such incredibly hard workers. And you know..."