Richard "Dick" Scobee by Regina

So umm... Dick Scobee is here. And he's been here through the whole thing, of course. But what he would like to say is, they really thought... they wanna, he... as the crew of their own crew, the Challenger crew, and really, they feel like they've moved so far away from all of that (the publishing of the Challenger story), Dick Scobee.

And so, umm... he's... he's grateful for everything that we've done. And by actually putting that "Publish" button on the ( site, he said, "That created," – and Jeanne and I were unaware of this really, he's saying right now – he said, "that was like a tidal wave of healing for them."

And he said, "It was closure. It was real closure," by allowing Jeanne and I to come to the FMBR meeting, and he said, "by allowing Regina to read the letter" that he wrote, you know, and he said, "because I don't like crowds. I do it because I have to or had to – public speaking.” He says, "it isn't where I feel most comfortable with."

And that's also why he doesn't even want to channel at this point.  He would rather just say that he's very grateful. And he feels even more grateful that the Columbia crew trusted their "visual"...  He's saying this out loud, because the Columbia crew was basically shocked to see the Challenger crew right there in the cock(pit)... in the cabin, pulling everybody out.

And he wanted to share that because he... they couldn't have done that had Jeanne and I not done all of the work that we had done with them prior, which is.. I'm now a little bit, I'm a little bit humbled by that. I did not know that. I didn't feel like we did much of anything. I know, I know we did, but that was pretty grateful.

Anyway, but... so he's also saying that because they (Columbia crew) had a much easier job being pulled over and transition. They don't have... they don't have all of the problems. And the families have done a great job healing, personally.  Their own personal families have all done a lot of good. And he said, "But we (Challenger crew) also taught every one of them (Columbia crew) how to go back to their household, and allow each family member to feel their presence. So," he said, "they have not had the... the difficult time that it takes most families to go move forward.

And that is why Ilan... Ilan Ramon, he's telling me Ilan Ramon's wife, Rona, was able to move forward through her husband's death, as difficult as it was, she was determined not to allow this to stop her or her sons and daughter from moving forward. And so she went into the whole medical and holistic program and did a lot of public speaking, is what he's telling me. So, they're saying, when she passed, she was ready to pass. And she had made it clear how she did not want to traumatize the remaining family members of how she was to be buried and stuff.

But either way, but he's saying is – that's an example of one of the spouses able to move forward because Ilan was able to come in and visit her in a way energetically that they (Challenger crew) were able to teach him how. So, it was for closure.

So he said, they're all pretty "closed." And what Jeanne and I thought they (Columbia crew) and were all going to be doing – is coming through (channeling). And they did. They came through and they introduced themselves. And yes, they will be doing more information, little bits and pieces. But it doesn't have to be at the same status, caliber, or anything (as the Challenger crew). It's just of the slow healing process that they're going (though).

But what they're going to be showing and teaching Jeanne and I are some of the things that they're going through in their own educational process now and beyond, which is pretty exciting to me. I want to know more. I would love to know more of what's going on, on the other side – you know?   We have aspects of ourselves that we can project and go over there with them and see what it's like, but to really hear it firsthand... and to me this is firsthand hearing. It's pretty exciting, huh?

Well, it reminds me of when Michael Smith wanted to really know how to communicate with his family.  And how we spent a lot of time talking to him after the first few months, about how he could go and how he came back to us one day, so proud of the fact that he was able to make contact with his daughter, Alison. And I don't remember exactly all that happened.

I don't know if that even got into the transcripts, because I think that might not have gotten there, because there's a lot of stuff that didn't get on the site that we have. But he was so proud of how he was able to make contact with her and how she recognized him. And he just came back like a kid that just got, you know, the candy store to himself. So that, because they wanted, of course, to contact and be connected to the family. So that's one of the things that... that stays with me in my mind about stuff like that. So, they were able to share that, you know, pay it forward with the next crew.