The Channelers

Jeanne Love: 
(The Columbia crew never had a chance to do anything like this channeling. We do not know the exact order of things – we really never do. It is interesting and challenging to hold all the energy. Thank you for being here. They really appreciate it. )

The Columbia crew came through me just a little bit after their accident. But I didn't have the space in my life at that time to give them a lot of time or to record anything. It was mostly just to help them over, because they did have the Challenger crew there with them, to help them. So, because they're nervous, this is... this is a listening time for you guys.

And if you do have questions, write them down.  And then I'm sure there'll be time later on for those questions to be asked. I don't know exactly if the same astronaut will be answering those questions or not that you asked for. Just bear with us, because we're used to channeling for sure. But they will.

        [Marion (participant) coughing in the background]

Regina Ochoa: 
Marion's being affected by the energy of the energy and… Okay, let's ask that person to step back away.  Pull that energy back away from Marian, she's being responsive to the smoke inhalation in the capsule.

Yuck. We'll clear that, you don't need that.

It's the memory.

        [Marion asks if she should leave.]

No, you should be here. Okay.

You're good.

You're good, Marion. We just need to ask them... The crew is so...  They're still learning to control their energy.

Even after all these years…

...while they're coming into the physical room.

And because, as I said earlier, they’re (the astronauts), they're not really media people. They're very happy with a smaller group because it feels more comfortable in that kind of field. And they know that you're very welcoming. So, they're grateful for that. That’ll ease their nervousness that's coming through it.  But before we begin, I just want to...umm...

One of the things that was given to me recently that I really love in terms of feeling centered was a little tool to get connected to the Cosmic Heart, the Divine Heart. And it's very simple, really just kind of tap on your heart, like the heartbeat of the mother, boom, boom, boom, boom, like this (demonstrates with palm of hand over heart, palpitating the heart area). And take slow, deep breaths, and set the intention that you're connecting to the cosmic heart, to the divine heart, and do that for a few minutes. And it really helps to center. 

        [Deep breaths are taken]

And so, we're just going to turn this morning's event over to the spirits that are here, that have requested us to be here. And we're just going to let it flow. We always appreciate your circle of energy of love and order, as you hold us as mediums and those spirits coming through with absolute divine love and compassion. And we really are grateful for your listening and for holding space so that their messages can be brought forward and recorded.