Richard "Dick" Scobee; by Regina

Well I'm up to the podium first, as I'm the senior officer of the 20 that are here. This is Commander Richard Scobee, "Dick." And as we are waiting for Rick to come in... Rick Husband will be here just shortly.

Thank you all for joining us and I'm glad that this is a very small group, as I really don't like crowds. And I really don't like being here.  But this was very important for not only the Challenger crew, but the Discovery crew, and the Apollo 1 crew. So, I told them I would lead the way – be brave. I'm about as nervous as cat in a trash can [Jeanne chuckles]. Which is very much like it felt on launch day.

And Mrs. Gough, we apologize for inconveniencing you with our smoke. Your cough was a direct result of our memory for inhalation as we were dealing with our deaths. It's not that we wanted to inflict any kind of discomfort. But it was important for all of you to understand and recognize the fact that although we are without body, we are still very present. And our memory is very present. And that memory has an effect. And our energy and our space around our energy – which is quite big in this room right now – is affecting all of you, each in your own personal way.

We have requested that just you be involved. Because all of your energies have been primed to meet us. And it would be too much work to allow any other new energies into this group right now. Because then, we would have to work, and you would have to work to raise theirs (energy). I hope I am saying that clearly enough. But that's the gist of this process here.

Anyway, I am here so that Rick can come in next... and he’s here.