Greg Jarvis Channeled by Jeanne

Well, this is Greg Jarvis.

Hello, everyone.

Sorry, Regina, we knew that was gonna be tough. I uh, want to say congratulations to the Commander for his "Christa experience." You all understand that.

It's really hard for men to allow themselves to be seen in such a vulnerable way. I'm kind of an old pro at it now so I can look at it without too much discomfort.

But one of the things that I wanted to come in to say, uh, you know, I was the one that was NSA trained for the... the psychic communications, and we haven't identified the one on the Columbia crew. So that's going to come through today.

But I want to apologize. Because I know your friend, your friend Rick (participant), had an issue with me for not telling these beautiful ladies earlier in our communication, that I was kind of like the... the stool pigeon in the group. But we... we had reasons for keeping that (information). It wasn't just because I was a coward. It was because we knew that we had put everyone connected with this material in jeopardy; because we were messing with, you know, all the powers that be.

But I'm not in here to address that so much today as just to help stabilize the energy and to help Regina get her equilibrium back. And she's kind of swearing out at me right now in the group because she would rather have had Rick (Husband) come through Jeanne. But, oh, well, that's the luck of the draw, I guess. And he really did had to have that experience to, as he said, release that. So you are all providing a psychological healing circle for these Columbia crew members. And I don't know that you understand the strength of that, and how important it is.

Because when we came through, you know, we were babbling idiots for a very long period of time. We are fortunately through that energetic. But even though the Columbia crew has been over for a long, long time, they never really had a chance to humanize their experience and to leave it behind. And this gives them the gift and opportunity to clear that, so they do not have to carry that trauma with them into their next life reincarnation. So, it's very important that they have this experience, and we don't mean to be Debbie Downers. But we're very, very grateful that you have... that you have shown up today and are willing to... to listen to this with a detachment, but with the responsibility of love. 

Listen to me spout all this stuff, man. I wasn't anywhere like this when I went over.  Man, no way in hell was I like this.  But now, you know, I've kind of got a Llama-Llama-Llama attitude. And so, I bring it in – to help soothe the Columbia group.  But Jeanne will get her due. That was just one of the Columbia crew. So anyway, and she'll (Regina) relax down, well, she'll be kind of mad. That's alright, she loves us. So, I'm not in here for much more than that except to kind of emcee for the moment what's transpiring and why. And the other part of that is, is that they get their... their death stories out and are able to translate them out of themselves.  Then the real information can start flowing through.

So, this is like Part A to a part ABCD story, maybe a little E, over the weekend, but they have to get this part of themselves out. Because once you're in the human body in a channeling form, it all comes back. And I know that you guys kind of know that. But I want to reiterate that again. So, we've had a lot more time to clear our stories than they've had.

And so anyway, I appreciate all of you that are here today and um, and we'll go from there. I did want to say a big thank you to Jerry (Gin) for gathering you beautiful, wonderful people here and to Dan (participant) for putting up everything that freaks out these two women if it looks anything like Hollywood, but fortunately, they know that this is not the true Hollywood nature. And they could go accordingly. So, I'm gonna step out now and we're gonna see who's next. We know but yeah, anyway, thank you so much.