Kalpana Chawla by Regina

Greetings. This is Kalpana. And I'm going to open her (Regina’s) eyes.
Ah, that's better. (Kalpana looks around the room.)

Hi. Hi. Hi, Marion. Hi, Jerry. Hi, Yana, Lalit. Ellen? Can I see your eyes? (Kalpana makes eye contact with each participant in the group)

Hey, this is KC.  Everybody calls me KC.

This experience wasn't that bad for me. I did do exactly what Rick (Husband) said. I checked out. I said,


"Forget this!"

I had a premonition, though; I was leaving. So as much as I... I had a wonderful first run. And this is my second trip. And umm, I tell you what, when you get to the stars, you don't want to come back. And as we were entering atmosphere, I said, "Okay, we're done here." So, I didn't (stay). I just left. I left. I left and joined the crew, just as Rick said. And umm, it was heavenly. I went right over.

So as Greg was saying, the next one who was trained with the PSY(ch) of the trying to contact NASA and stuff, that was me, because I was the easiest one they could work with. And I pretty much had that skill before they knew it. And in fact, I "faked" the test, so that I would have quite a few "wrong" (answers) as they were training me because I didn't want them to know what I knew.

And so, I became the wonderful guinea pig to get trained with all of their remote work and remote, remote communication back to NASA. And I left some clever little messages with them (NASA), but I really didn't pay much attention to them. Most of my messages were left for my husband, JP, and for my family back home in India. They knew I was over, and they were fine. And they "felt" me immediately and they were really pleased that I came to see them right away.

So that was... that was the best part of all this. I got to go home really fast. I got to "fly around," as you would say. I got to be omnipotent – everywhere, all at the same time.

What a kick. Kick ass.


Forget that shuttle! Soon as you go without this body you get to go everywhere. That's the best part. It was so much fun! It is so much fun.

So, for me I just wanted to let you know that my experience was not like Rick's (Husband).  Not at all. And I have been to every one of your houses. 

        [Speaking to Lalit -participant]

I love your home. I love your home. I love your altar. [emotional] I love your home. And I’m really grateful that Jerry (Gin) got the message that you were to come and be a part of this group. And please let your wife know that everything is good. Everything is good. We are watching carefully. And she's... all is good. Please.

Thank you, Dr. Gin for contacting Lalit. He holds a great gift for all of us here. And as a crew, we needed his presence here. I need you to understand that there's a cording that happens with our group and with all of you.  And we each are "corded" with this group as a whole.

And Lalit creates a bridge for us to move easily back and forth as we travel. This is a hard concept and Lalit does not understand it either. But we will share more with him later. And my time is going to be up. They're going to pull me out real fast.

But I want you to know that not everybody's experience was like Rick's (Husband).

His was bad. I'm so sorry, Rick. I’m so sorry.

        [sadly chuckles]

But anyway, I thank you very much for letting me just show my face a few minutes, and let me look in everybody's eyes. It's really wonderful. Thank you. Thank you for letting me come into all of your homes.

Thank you.