Sally Ride by Jeanne

Thank you, Laurel, this is Sally Ride.

Bill (Gough), it's no accident that I'm sitting across from you today as I sat next to you at so many meetings we had at Stanford (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center – SLAC).  And I think I've spoken this to you before, but I would say it again on tape. That I'm so sorry that you didn't talk to me about the Challenger crew because I would have been there with you 100%.

I know that it was a difficult time, and you were concerned about being blackballed, ostracized, kicked off everything you were working for. But I already had my own experiences. And I knew so much about the program. And discreetly, we could have been able to talk about things. I just want you to know that I'm glad you didn't give up. And I'm glad you stayed with the program.

And now I'm in here to aid and confide a little more to speak a little bit more about what actually happened on the Columbia crew accident. Which might seem interesting that I would be speaking to it, but I'm actually a better observer of it than the astronauts were, at the time. And I don't mean to come in and change the information too much. But when you talk about the lack of oxygen, that initially was the biggest reason for the lack of consciousness, and for the confusion as to what took place because they did have their flight suits on, and they did have their helmets on.

But any kind of extra ordinary measures quickly became unnecessary, actually, because the disintegration of the craft was just unsolvable. And there was that confusion.  There was almost this kind of out-of-body experience that they disassociated from their body in order to try to still fix things and make things work. And that would be why Commander Husband said what he did about getting the stick and making it move.

And their trauma has still been so strong in them, that it's harder for them to see their own passage, which actually happened to the Challenger crew, when Ron (McNair) could not even remember his name when he first came through Jeanne (Love).  And... and so that was interesting, because Jeanne knew his name, but Ron couldn't remember his name. So, I just wanted to clarify that.

And Regina, please don't feel like you didn't do this correctly, because that's not the truth. They are still suffering when they come into the human body to be able to fully look at their accident. And this is to be expected, you know, people who have accidents, and they don't remember it, like getting bad car crashes, or whatever, and they have no memory of it.  While they had memory of it, but it was because of the manner of the trauma, the perceptions were distorted, at best.

And the only reason I come in is because I like to be a "tattletale." (Sally chuckles.) And.. no, I just want to be able to further explain the trauma that they were undergoing. And this is part of their debriefing which they have really not been privy to, until this moment. So even though there's really no time over there for us (as to) how many years it's been, they are just now debriefing their experiences. It’s like now they're being pulled in after their flight to NASA, except that this isn't NASA. This is a group of scientists who are here to... to humanize their experience and to add spiritual enlightenment to it. And I'm grateful to be part of this.

I've shared with Regina and Jeanne and some of the others how angry I was at the way so many of people were treated, especially after the Challenger situation when I was, of course, in my body and on the... on the (Rogers) Commission to look into things that were going on. And how (Richard) Feynman and I would just roll our eyes at some things because so many things did not connect.

What was allowed to connect was the story that was allowed to be told. But the real truth wasn't there in the situation. And part of that led to Feynman's leaving because he was just so disenfranchised from the truth, not him himself, or he himself being disenfranchised, but the way it was worked around him that... that his knowledge was ignored. And that was a catastrophic experience for him.

And I certainly had some of my own pain and sorrow over the years, although fortunately, I didn't meet my demise in the way that my... my friends did. But nonetheless, to see the things that were going on.

Now, the other part of this is, because I know Jeanne and I've talked about this, about how much more do we want to talk about how negligent NASA is? How negligent the government is? How much do we want to be naysayers? How much we want to paint this glib picture? Like Willy saying, "You know, we're screwed."

And I understand that. I also understand the importance of... of the human part of our story being told only for those who have never heard this story before. And would not necessarily understand or look for this information.

As a nation, we don't want to know the truth. There are some that want to know the truth, and then sometimes they're schooled inappropriately.  They're led down primrose paths, pathways so that they won't really find the absolute truth. And now that makes some of the others who normally would... would really embrace the things that they find, and put them on the back burner, because they're... they're not sure that, you know, that's really the truth. I mean, there's just all sorts of mazes that are... are existing right now in consciousness.

But the purpose of this is several fold. First of all, as we said earlier, for the Columbia crew to debrief itself. Secondly, for them to have the experience of communicating through mediums to prove the continuity of life after death.

The other part of that is to have us talk about the Star Wars program.
Oh, yeah, here she goes, "Ha. Ha. Ha." Love it.

So, it's not that there's anything you guys don't know. And it's not that you have any (doubts)... you know. We give you this information, and you’ll say, "Well, what can we do about it?"

Well, the thing is the work that you are doing about it and other levels and other ways, it's important. And so, this information and this understanding, supports the work that you do out of this circle. Whether it's healing work, whether it's the Dodecahedron, whether it's the T-Star work, that all is a huge component to this part of it.

The healing circle has many, many spaces in it. And, and, and this is one area of this healing circle, the communication. And then there's the other part of it, which’s the implementation of certain said inferences and suggestions. And then there's the actual manifestation of that in the healing work itself. It's like, you know, Jerry (Gin), with you guys doing the work on the water, and... and helping that – it all ties in. And these ladies, we're seeing that, as they've been talking with each other, you know, that it all ties in – one to the other.

So that's why I think it's important to have a sense of where you're going, since you're giving your weekend to listening to a bunch of dead people. And you know that we have a purpose and an order to this. And it's not just random talking, that we have steps to take.

And I, when you want to talk about gatekeepers. Bob (Shacklett) and I have been pretty much working this... this part of it.

And there will be an ET component. Of course, we have to include the ET components. And Laurel didn't talk about her – what she's... she'll talk about later.  I'm not going to steal her thunder on that one, nor will I take her river away from her. But there is that need, because... because there is that need for all of you in this group to understand the... the... what we call the extraterrestrial group. The ones that have... have wonderful energies that are still here trying to implement change with us in the consciousness of this earth field. And so that all lies and plays into this as well.

And I want to say one thing about Irina (participant), and that she was definitely a Star person.  You would’ve called her an ET by certain standards. And, I won't say anything more about that at this time, but she will come up in the conversation, because she has been an integral part of this group. And as well as Rick (participant) who is... is working with his, his needs at this time, just be loving and gentle with him. He's a good man. And there's just a lot that we're going to present to you in the next... you know... in the next few days.

So, if you have questions for me at another time please write them down. We will have a Q & A. I don't have any problem with them anymore, being on this other side.

I've actually gone to several mediums to try to speak to my partner who I love so dearly, to let her know that I'm safe and wonderful. And I have actually been in our home a lot and she's felt my spirit, and felt my energy. And I'm grateful that she is open to that. Because I was very open with her about things. Well maybe I shouldn't say this, but doesn't matter now. Some of the things that I wasn't supposed to tell, well I did.

You know she's my bed fellow and I did tell her some things about certain programs that were implemented. Especially after I was out of the space program.  And... and she was very reliable and kept things close to her heart, so she wasn't, you know, giving out any information to anybody else. This was something between she and I. And she held that very closely to heart and did not breach that confidence. And that's what I loved so much about her.

So anyway, Jeanne, you feel really good today. I just... you know, I wasn't a makeup person, but, you know, I really like your colors, and you feel really good considering everything we put both of you through. Man, you just guys are – you're amazing.

So, and there's more amazing things to come, gonna come within this time together within the group – more changes, positive changes, unforeseen changes. And I love just dropping little tidbits like Michael (Anderson) did.

So, with that, I think that I might have to just be quiet now and I'm grateful and I may or may not have time to come in again. But I want you to know that... that Robert (Shacklett) and I are pretty much the supervising agents on this particular part of the communication. And you guys are great.

Thank you all so very, very, very, very much.